Notifications show on the notification panel (notification bar), where you have a short preview of the email with notification actions. TypeApp supports Push Notifications which is the preferred method in addition to other modes.

TypeApp allows you to control the notifications method per account tapping More (o o o) | Notifications | Choose the accountInstant Push Settings | Push or Fetch | choose from the main options:

  • Push – To get instant notifications.
  • Push (No Preview) – To get instant notifications without a preview to reduce battery usage.
  • No Push – To disable push notifications, but still see emails being updated when opening the app.
  • Fetch – To get periodic notifications based on an interval set in Fetch Interval setting.
  • Manual – To do on-demand refresh sync only, and do not get notifications.

If you choose Fetch method you can select the Fetch Interval – and choose how often you wish to check for new emails.