VIP Notifications enable you to give a specific contact such as your family, friends, or co-workers different notification settings so they are easier to distinguish.

To change your VIP Notification Settings, tap More (o o o) | Notifications | VIP Notifications | either Specific Services (for contacts such as eBay, Twitter, and Amazon) or My Contacts.

Simply choose the Contact and customize the Notification:


  • Set VIP Notifications** – Enables the contact for VIP Notifications
  • Enable LED LightDisable / Enable LED light for notifications.
  • Notification LED Color – Configure LED light color.
  • Incoming Sound  Disable / Enable incoming sound.
  • Custom Incoming Sounds – If the sound is enabled, you can choose a custom sound from the list.
  • Vibrate – Disable / Enable vibration.

**Note: If you would like to only receive Notifications from VIP Enabled contacts, in the regular Notifications View (More (o o o) | Notifications) under Notifications Mode  choose VIP Only