Made a typo? Forgot an attachment? Accidentally sent an email to your boss?

We have you covered.

With our Undo Send feature, you no longer have to worry about mistakenly sending an email that you would have liked to edit a bit more – Simply Undo.

How Can I Undo Sending an Email that Was Just Sent Out?

After tapping “Send” on your email, you will be returned to your Mail List View and an Undo prompt will pop up at the bottom of the screen.

By tapping “Undo”, your email will stop being sent, and you will be returned to the Compose View of that email. It’s that easy.


How Much Time Do I have to Undo an Email?

The Undo popup displays for a default time period of 5 seconds.

To change this time period, please go to More (o o o) | Global Settings | Advanced Features | Enable Undo Send (in seconds)