We offer a spam management tool relying on your provider spam filter: Your provider has special software that detects suspicious mail and puts them in spam. That will be reflected in TypeApp as well as the web client of the provider.

We offer you an option to Block Senders that your provider’s “spam filter” did not catch, and add them to a “Block List” of spammers meaning future emails from that sender (or his domain) will go to spam folder bypassing your inbox. This is done on top of your provider spam filter. It will occur every time you launch our App as a client-side rule. Since this is a user created action – we do not decide ourselves who are the spammers.

In order to Block a Sender – tap the vertical 3-dot menu | Block Sender:

  • Block Sender – Any mail that was received from this specific email address will be marked as spam and automatically moved to the Spam folder.
  • Block Whole Domain – Any mail that was received from this domain will automatically move to the Spam folder.

Note:  If you have removed and re-added an account or reinstalled TypeApp, the Block List will be erased.


You can Unblock a Sender, within the spam folder.