What Premium Features Do You Currently Offer?

TypeApp currently offers 3 fantastic premium add-on features that we think will really enhance your mailing experience!

Our premium features include:  

Send Later – Schedule an email to be sent at a future time of your choosing

VIP Notifications – Customize notifications for specific contacts 

Black Theme  – Instantly turns the background colors of our app to true Black. Save battery with AMOLED support

To unlock these features within the app, simply go to More (o o o) | Global Settings | Premium Features.

Send Later


No need to wait for the perfect time to send your emails. With our Send Later feature, simply draft your email, select a time for it to be sent, and be on your way!

No matter where in the world you are, your emails will arrive to their destination exactly when they need to.

Once Send Later is unlocked, you can schedule emails from right within the Compose View, by tapping on the vertical 3-dot menu | Send Message Later.

VIP Notifications 


If you are the type of person who like to customize your ringtones and Notifications then you are really going to like our VIP Notifications feature!

Easily set up different Sound/LED/Vibrate Notifications for family members, friends, or co-workers, so you can easily distinguish between them!

After unlocking this feature, you can configure your VIP Notifications by going to More (o o o) | Notifications | VIP Notifications | Select either “Specific Services”/“My Contacts” | Choose the email address.

To learn more, please check out VIP Notifications.

Black Theme 


It’s elegant, easy on the eyes, and saves battery for AMOLED screens. What more can you ask for?

Black Theme is exactly what you were missing in your TypeApp mailing experience.

To enable Black Theme, simply tap the Account Picker (down arrow at the top of the Mail List View) | “Dark Mode” | tap “Black”.