Our Integrated Calendar App gives you the ability to access your Calendar events from right within TypeApp. View, create, and edit your future events in the easy and customizable TypeApp way.

How to access the Calendar?

Access our Integrated Calendar App by tapping the Calendar icon at the bottom of the Account Drawer (tapping the account icon at the top left corner of the Mail List View will open the Account Drawer).

How do I navigate the Calendar?

By tapping on the Account Picker in Calendar View, you have the options to switch between accounts and also the option to switch between the Agenda and Day Views.

Agenda View – Displays your Weekly/Monthly events

Day View – Displays your events for the chosen day

The Today icon- At the top right of the Calendar View you will see the Today icon, which will always bring you back to the current day if you ever get a little lost in time :).

Note: In each view a full drop-down calendar will be displayed at the top.

Can I Search for an Event?

Absolutely! Simply tap the vertical 3-dot menu (at the top right) | Search

Enter a search keyword and you are good to go.

How can I configure my Calendar & notification Settings?

From within the Calendar View, tap the vertical 3-dot menu (at the top right) | Settings

In Calendar Settings, you can configure settings dealing with the View, Notifications, and Reminders

To disable Calendar notifications:

In the Calendar Settings view, please go to Notifications – Toggle Off

Is my account automatically added to the Integrated Calendar App? Do you support adding a manual CalDAV configuration?

We support adding your account to the Integrated Calendar App automatically for many big providers such as Gmail, Microsoft (Exchange ActiveSync), AOL, etc.

To add your account manually to the Integrated Calendar App, please configure CalDAV for your account.