Sometimes you are in a context when handling email is not effective, possible or reasonable. You may need to wait for a certain time, be in a certain place, or have certain resources or pre-requisites. For these emails, we created Task View which enables you to defer handling emails.

Tasks View shows all emails assigned for Snooze, sorted by the most urgent ones, to help you distinguish all the emails you need to handle.  You can see emails whose designated time has elapsed allowing you to prioritize your time based on urgency as well as importance.

TypeApp has ready made time frames set for you: later today, end of day, next day / week/ month, or someday in the future. You can also pick a specific date/time, which is useful when you know exactly when would be the most suitable time to handle this mail.

You can mark an email for Snooze using these methods:

When you Mark an Email as Snooze+, it will be added to Tasks and when the task reaches it’s designated time, you get a push notification, also called snooze, as a reminder. If you wish to hide emails marked as Snooze+, use the Incoming Filter. If not, Emails marked as Snooze+ will still appear in the All filter.


Marking an email as Done moves the email to the “Done” tab, meaning there is nothing more to do with this email, but it is still valuable for you to keep. By using the Incoming Filter you won’t see emails marked as done.

You can mark an email as Done with those methods:

Email marked Done will appear in the All Filter, but not in the Incoming Filter.

By tapping More (o o o)| Global Settings | Auto Mark as Done, you can cause replied messages to be automatically marked as Done. By default this setting is Off.

Learn how to Mark an Email as Undone.