TypeApp enables you to Download, Save, and Send Attachments on-demand with ease.

Download and view an attachment by tapping the grey area at the bottom of the attachment and waiting for it to download. Attachments are downloaded to your default storage folder. Tap once more to view the attachment.

Save your attachments where you want by opening your mail | Tap the Attachment to Download | Save As (tap < to navigate to root directories) | Use the Folder explorer to select the folder you wish to save to.

Set a default folder for saving your attachments by tapping More (o o o) | Global Settings | Advanced Features | Default Download Path choose your preferred folder and select.

Sending an attachment is simple in TypeApp as well. Tap on the Compose icon (or Reply, Reply all, Forward and similar actions) | tap the Vertical 3-dot Menu in the top bar | Attach a File.

There is no size limit on your attachments, however, most email providers have some limit on the overall size of a single mail they allow to send via their servers. It is typically in the 10-25MB range, please consult your provider for more details.