TypeApp’s Dark Mode is easy on the eyes for night time, and can switch automatically to light mode based on your time preference.

We offer two types of “dark” modes:

Dark – A dark background color thats looks great at night.

Black – A true Black background color that is just perfect for night time reading and also saves battery with AMOLED support. 

Light/Dark/Black Depictions within TypeApp

To enable Dark or Black Mode:

  • From the Account Picker, tap Dark Mode


You can then select either the Dark or Black option

  • Black Mode is offered as one of our premium features. To enable this, you simply tap “Black” and then unlock the feature by following the Google PlayStore prompt.
  • Additionally, you can enable Dark or Black mode by tapping More (o o o) | Global Settings | Customize Appearance | Dark Mode | “Dark Mode”  and then select Dark or Black

By default dark/black mode will apply to your mail view, however, if you wish to keep mail view in light mode, simply tap Mail View Theme and select Light.

To Enable dark/black mode for only certain hours of the day, Tap Automatically enable dark theme during specific hours. Dark mode will be enabled from the time you select, and will remain on until (to) the time you prefer.

While Dark/Black mode is enabled, you can also invert the avatar colors and change the icons to orange to make them stand out.