How can you Check you are in Quiet Hours?

If you are viewing this account, you will see a Moon on the status bar to indicate quiet hours.

If you are on other accounts tap Accounts on the bottom bar, or the status bar itself to see your accounts, and you will also see a moon + Quiet near such accounts.

Note: You can always go to your Account’s Do Not Disturb Setting and check the complete quiet hours settings.



How to Delete from the Client and not from the Server in IMAP?

POP3 users are used to a client setting, that allows emails deleted from the client to be kept on the server. Modern IMAP servers support multiple clients efficiently and delete from the server as soon as you delete from the client (to make sure all other clients are in sync).

TypeApp features a cool mechanism to enjoy both worlds: both seamless IMAP sync and ability to “delete from the client only”.

To keep emails on the server while still being able to delete them if you wish, please follow the following steps:

  1. Change the Inbox Filter to Incoming instead of All – this will show only unprocessed emails (you can set this filter to show by always default from the settings: o o 0 | Global Settings | Default Filter in Inbox | Incoming).
  2. Instead of deleting the email, Mark as Done those you do not want to see on the client any longer, but would like to keep on the server.

Those emails will not be removed from the server, as you never deleted them – so they would be accessible to other clients, but the really nice thing is that you will now not see them in Incoming (as they were marked Done) from this client.

Tip: If you want your emails to stay “unread” for your other clients, and clear for the mobile, mark it for Later+ instead and use the Incoming Filter. You will not see mail marked for later, and it will remain unread.

How to Move Emails to a Specific Folder?

Go to Accounts | Tap your Account | Folder Mapping | Archive folder and match it to the folder you like for that account. You will be able to use the Archive action and directly move mails to that folder in one click!

Note: This trick does not apply to Gmail accounts, as they have a predefined archive folder called “All Mail”.

Resizing the Scrollable Widget

When you initially add a scrollable widget it takes 3×3 box as default on your home screen.

You can resize it to any dimension up to stretching it to the full size of your home screen, by dragging the resize handles, as long as it has space free of other widgets on that home screen page. Below is fully stretched widget.

widget_full 300

How to Backup and Sync your Accounts between Multiple Devices? What is SMS Verification?

TypeApp allows you to safely sync all your accounts to your other or new devices! To do it both easily and safely please follow the following steps.

Using a new device, add an account you already have on your previous device.

1_thumb (1)

You will get a system message that allows you to sync your accounts with Verify Number.

If you choose Later you will be able to do it using More | Global Settings | Advanced Features | Sync Accounts at any later time.


Once you have chosen to sync accounts and verify your number, you will need to enter your phone number, where you can get an SMS to.

Press Send and after a short while you will get a 5 digit code to that number as an SMS.


You will be asked to enter that code and confirm it. You have few tries and when you are able to enter the right code you have verified your number on that new device.

4_thumb (1)

Now the verification of your old device, where all your accounts are stored starts! You will get a system message on TypeApp on your old device, with identification of your phone number and request to Insert Code.


Please insert the same code and if done correctly – your accounts will sync to the new device!

In this way you can get all your accounts from the old device to your new device, securely and reliably.

Easy access to Attachments

You have easy access to your attachments in mail view from the attachments icons. You can scroll left / right between all attached files and tap the attachment to download it.


How to leave emails on the Server? What is mark an email as Done?

Mark as Done

If you want to keep an email on the server but remove it from TypeApp, you can mark it as Done and use the ‘Incoming’ filter to view your Unread and Undone emails.

Marking it as Done will not delete the email from the server and you will be able to retrieve it from other devices as well.
If you delete an email, it will be deleted from the server and also from your other clients \ devices.

Viewing Done\Undone emails

Use TypeApp‘s filters to view your Done/Undone emails.
While in List View, Tap on the name of the account (at the top-center of the screen) and choose the relevant filter:

  • Incoming – Will filter Unread and Undone emails
  • Done – Will display only Done emails

You can set this filter as your default view. Go to More… | Global Settings | Default Filter.

Note: This tip is relevant for IMAP accounts.