Notifications use the notification bar and show a short preview of the email instantly. This makes mobile email modern to fit today’s pace. You can tailor each account to have a different notification scheme, e.g. have different options for work-related accounts, and personal / family accounts.

TypeApp allows you to control the notifications per account using More (o o o) | Notifications | scroll to the account and you will access a per account settings. Choose Instant Push Settings | Push or Fetch | choose from main options:

  • Push – To get instant notifications.
  • Push (No Preview) – To get instant notifications without a preview to reduce battery usage.
  • No Push – To disable push notifications, but still see emails being updated when opening the app.
  • Fetch – To get periodic notifications based on an interval set in Fetch Interval setting.
  • Manual – To do on-demand refresh sync only, and do not get notifications.

If you choose Fetch method, you can select the Fetch Interval – and choose how often you wish to check for new emails.

  • Disable notifications on the top bar of each account.
  • Do Not Disturb  Select specific quiet times.
  • Visual | Sound | Vibrate | LED: 
    • Visual – Disable / Enable Visual Notifications
    • Enable LED LightDisable / Enable LED light for notifications.
    • Notification LED Color – Configure LED light color.
    • Incoming Sound  Disable / Enable incoming sound.
    • Custom Incoming Sound – If the sound is enabled, you can choose a custom sound from the list.
    • Vibrate – Disable / Enable vibration.
  • Advanced:
    • Only From And Subject – Disable / Enable a short preview of the email shown on the notification.
    • Enable Snooze Notifications –  Disable / Enable snooze notifications.